This guide will help you to get much traffic and increase your readership and engagement of readers with your stories in short term.

As we know, Medium is a much better blogging platform, where users can publish anything whatever they want and which complies with the medium policy, they can write poems, haikus, stories, fictions, sharing the experience about life, A-Z Anything-Everything.

What you will learn in this post? — about how you…

Beat Procrastination, Focus booster, Take a short breaks, Improve your Productivity

Pomodoro is the Italian word for tomato🍅. But you don’t have to do anything with tomatoes, but the major hidden secret to effective “Time Management” is thinking about tomatoes rather than starring at your wall clock🕘. It may look funny at first, but I heard and also saw thousands of…

Meet Hungarian artist Fanni Bacskó, who developed her skills with paintings for walls, drawing, Sketch, and creating beautiful art pieces.

We @9Mood have an interview with Fanni Bacskó about her creative artwork, We asked questions related to artistic skills, career, Inspiration, how newbie creators will be motivated, etc. …

A bunch of tips and tricks with examples of using jdbcTemplate in Spring framework (Java)

Let me give you most of the useful tips including understandable examples about “How to use jdbcTemplate in java?”, To query or extract data from the database. I have simplified the jdbcTemplate concept tutorial in my own words, which will be helpful for sure, not much struggle is needed.


  • Spring…

Medium gave me life to the words I wrote years ago, also encouraged me to write more about my favorite niche.

The dream was an important one when we were kids. We are used to thinking about our future that, “I will be taking a job in DMart as Cashier in my 10th-grade vacation as a part-time job.”, “I will work in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) as a software engineer…

Easiest bootstrap approach to show country flags by using ISO country codes within 5 minutes.

In this article, I will show you how you can incorporate the flags using the CSS approach to your Angular, Vue, or React applications. You just need to pass on the respective ISO country code in the CSS class as it has embedded images. Follow the below-given steps to add…

Simplified Maven dependency scopes attribute and their usage

Maven is a project or dependency management tool. Mostly freshers download each and every jar(s) manually and place it into their respective project. Such things can be overcome using Maven to automate the build and deployment process. Developers just need to set up POM.xml (Project Object Model), Maven needs the…

Without mutating your DOM, you can use Groupable Feature with a checkbox on headers from Kendo UI Library easily.


I see many developers are facing the issue with sorting out with Groupable feature of Kendo UI — Angular. When it comes to deal with a checkbox for headers and groupable columns, it is a real headache. I saw that my friends were mutating their DOM or HTML context using…

Be A Problem Solver — Online community for Developers

What is in BeingCoder’s logo?

Logo has one face made with { } * </> etc. characters and goggles on eyes to show it as geeky. A tongue outside the mouth to show intelligence and passion about the work. Remembered, Alber Einstein?

A tagline “Be A Problem Solver” to motivate coders, programmers, and developers.

Why BeingCoders?


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I love art, comics, fiction, sci-fi, technology, humor, history and travelling related articles.

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